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Helping individuals and families navigate challenges in their lives.

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Michelle A. Bentley MA, RP, RMFT


Welcome! My psychotherapy & counselling practice offers individuals, families and children expertise to support you as together we explore how to navigate challenges in your life. I look forward to talking with you about how I can support you in striving to make the hard things easier.
I am a Registered Psychotherapist and Registered Marriage & Family Therapist who respects individual perspectives for finding direction, growth and healing. In addition to supporting those dealing with anxiety, depression, grief, anger and self esteem concerns, I specialize in helping with couples counselling, eating disorders, self injury / harm / cutting, family challenges, postpartum depression, pastoral counselling, teen support, and child & play therapy.
I offer daytime appointments and my west Ottawa office has easy car and bus access with on-site free parking. My services are eligible for coverage by many health care plans [please consult your provider directly to check if you will be reimbursed by services with a Registered Psychotherapist who is supervised by a Registered Psychologist].
My training and experience includes psychotherapy, counselling, family & child therapy, support groups, and teaching in elementary, early childhood and special education settings. I provide training and presentation services to organizations and am in the Ottawa Bereavement Directory, am a contributor to a book on child therapy techniques, and was featured in an on-line Canadian Living article on relationships.

 “I look forward to speaking with you, and invite you to both ask questions and offer your concerns and feedback before and throughout the therapy process.”

      613-601-1475           2948 Baseline Rd #206, Nepean ON K2H 8T5            mbentley@bell.net