Michelle A. Bentley MA, RP, RMFT ~ Psychotherapy & Counselling

Helping individuals & families navigate challenges in their lives.


Michelle's psychotherapy & counselling practice is based on:

  • Respect        ~ for individual attitudes, perspectives, and life situations,

  • Confidence   ~ that each person has the ability to progress and heal,

  • Belief            ~ that counselling can support healing and insights for discovery and empowerment, and

  • Family Therapy Principles 
                         ~ Family Therapy-oriented therapists work collaboratively with clients to resolve concerns
                            within each person’s unique family, cultural, and social context. We use models of therapy
                            that help people use their own strengths to support growth and create effective changes
                            in their lives. Family therapy, whether with one person or a family, is generally brief,
                            results-oriented, and cost-effective. 

    "I use a respectful and collaborative approach, where together we will assess issues and goals,
    and strive to help you bring your personal strengths to what has brought you for
    counselling. I have training and experience with a variety of therapies which helps
    me to tailor counselling to meet your needs, goals, and learning style. I may integrate mainstream
    therapy models such as emotion focused, creative and cognitive-behavioral practices. I
    will explain these to you as needed, and I welcome ongoing feedback on how we can best meet
    your needs as we work together. My qualifications include offering professional pastoral
    support, and
    I welcome discussing the religious or spiritual side of life.

    Please feel welcome to raise questions or concerns at any time, before and during the counselling
                                                                                                              Michelle Bentley, MA, RP, RMFT

Counselling & Psychotherapy Approaches

An eclectic approach allows Michelle to modify her approach according to specific needs and new concerns
that may arise during counselling. On an ongoing basis and with your input, she will draw on her range of expertise to include
approaches she judges may be beneficial.  

Brainspotting is a therapy that uses eye position and bilateral sounds through headphones to provide an efficient way of accessing and processing emotional events such as childhood trauma or family issues, post traumatic memories, and other issues.
Child Therapy
Child therapy may be indicated when children experience sudden changes in behaviour, experience a trauma including bullying,
have a change in family, or have difficulty coping. Counselling with children requires different approaches than with adults, to
engage them and maintain comfort and interest in the process. Therapy may include free or directed play, written work,
relaxation exercises, games, receiving therapist mail, or reading stories. Any combination of these may be used to help your child
understand themselves better, develop coping skills, explore emotional issues, or find ways to solve problems. If you have any
questions about the therapeutic intent of an activity, please ask.
"Sometimes kids, like adults, can benefit from therapy. Therapy can help kids develop problem-solving skills and also teach them the value of seeking help. Therapists can help kids and families cope with stress and a variety of emotional and behavioral issues...." (click here)
Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
CBT assists persons to explore their cognitive thoughts and behaviours, and what has contributed to the meanings about themselves
they have determined from experiences. Understanding ways of thinking and how this influences behaviours is one of the most
researched approaches to being able to make changes towards improved functioning.
Couples/Parenting/Co-parenting Therapy [Note: Michelle specializes in supporting couples who have parenting concerns]
Couples therapy helps partners or co-parents to better understand and communicate with each other, in an affirming, supportive and
non-blaming environment.The couple is helped to voice their wants, needs and concerns to each other with the therapist guiding the
process to minimize hurt and provide information on communication and patterns that can be changed to encourage a more respectful
and enjoyable relationship.
"Couples therapy is a common form of relationship counseling used to resolve conflicts between couples that they have been unsuccessful in resolving themselves... The main goal of couples therapy is to bring the couple to a mutual understanding of each other as a means of finding out whether or not changes in the relationship need to be made, and making those changes happen...." (click here)  
Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) and Emotion Focused Family Therapy (EFFT)
EFT helps clients identify and reflect on their emotions and use this personal and relational understanding to explore new meanings in the
patterns of their relationships. This therapy uses a non-blaming approach to help each person consider underlying emotions or
unexpressed needs within and between each other, which can be used to support new closeness and understanding.
Family & Systems Therapy
Family and systems therapy is a specialized psychotherapy which incorporates understanding of relationships in counselling. This approach
may include several family members or just an individual, and recognizes the influences our intimate relationships have on our
development and daily living.
Therapy supports both individual and couple or family clients to consider in a non-blaming way patterns that
have influenced beliefs and behavior, and both what is working and what might be improved in relationships. Counselling may involve
directed conversations and specific interventions to explore dynamics and practice more effective communication skills.

Narrative & Solution-Focused Therapies
Narrative and solution-focused therapies share a strength-based, supportive, non-blaming and respectful approach to assisting persons to find
new directions that
assumes people have many skills and abilities that will help them to reduce the influence of problems in their lives.
Narrative therapy focuses on stories that may have developed about people’s lives that they feel are limiting their functioning, and helps them
to consider new meanings and opportunities. For families and children, this can include using language playfully to see the problem in a way that
is motivating and diminishes conflicts. 
The solution-focused approach encourages clients to identify specific ways to build on helpful behaviours
and attitudes to bring about desired changes.

"Narrative therapy is based on the theory that often people already possess the skills, values, and abilities to resolve problems in their lives ...." (click here) 

Spiritual Integration & Christian Counselling
Counselling may incorporate spiritual resources from the client’s own belief system, combined with psychological understanding to foster further
healing and growth. You are welcome to include spiritual exploration and reflection in the counseling process.
"Improving spirituality helps us feel better and allows us to form bonds with others who appreciate how we attach ourselves to the physical world. With spiritual clarity we can promote good health in how we respond to social situations and form them...." (click here)

"I invite you to inform me of your goals for therapy, which directions seem most appropriate and helpful to you, and to ask
any questions you may have before or during the counselling process. I look forward to speaking with you!"
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