Michelle A. Bentley MA, RP, RMFT ~ Psychotherapy & Counselling

Helping individuals & families navigate challenges in their lives.


Challenging situations occur for many people, when they may benefit from support whether because of ongoing patterns of relationships, insufficient personal resources, needing an impartial ear, or perhaps a lack of opportunity to have learned coping skills. The expertise and compassion of a psychotherapist may be helpful in coping and finding ways to navigate through these times, and help to make the hard things easier.

Individual concerns – if you:

  • feel unhappy, angry or anxious
  • lack confidence
  • are stressed
  • just lost a job
  • are grieving a loss or death
  • feel “stuck”
  • are having a difficult time with a decision
  • struggle in relationships
  • have experienced trauma
  • are adjusting to a new situation
  • want to improve emotional coping
  • experience disordered eating or body
    image concerns


Parenting challenges:

  • communication is difficult
  • we disagree about parenting decisions
  • the romance is gone
  • we argue too much
  • our families are interfering
  • we don’t understand each other
Family – how to handle:
  • separation/divorce
  • getting married/remarried
  • a new baby
  • postpartum depression
  • grieving a difficult birth or loss
  • conflicts with teens
  • when a child is angry or anxious
  • stepchildren/blended families
  • discipline disagreements
  • siblings arguing
  • special needs children/siblings
  • eating disorders / self injury


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